Electro Computer warehouse is commonly involves in volume sales, Bulk Sales, Export of used and refurbished items from Canada/ USA. We have large stock of used computers and refurbished computers, used LCD Monitors, and refurbished LCD Monitors, Used laptops, Refurbished laptops, Tablets, Printers key boards and mouse and many more that you can choose from. We carry a wide selection of used computer Brands, including Dell, Lenovo HP, and Gateway or if you are interested in a laptop we have many HP, Lenovo & Dell laptops to choose from their wide range models .

If you are an IT seller and looking to purchase large quantity, contact us today to see if you qualify for our Volume Buyers program. You can get great deals on wholesale used IT equipment.

We have long-established relationships with trusted shipping companies and have access to very favorable rates due to our large volume of shipments. We usually send shipments on a "Freight Prepaid" basis. This will assure that you will receive a fixed and cheap shipping rate in advance. Buyer can also use his shipper.