About us

Electro Computer Warehouse is a supplier of used and refurbished computer equipment.

We are not a "Broker" and the inventory offered to our clients is physically in our warehouse and we welcome our customers to inspect the products on-site before delivery. Our record keeping, quality controls and process are thorough and this facilitates audit inspections required by developing countries. We will coordinate audit requirements and engage the services of international audit firms including SGS to provide such verifications.

Why trust and buy from Electro Computer Warehouse?

  1. 20 years in the used electronics business.

  2. Local presence in major markets including Canada, USA, Dubai, Pakistan and Tanzaina.

  3. Multi language sales group.

  4. Total of 40,000 sq foot warehouse with inventory of $5 million all the time.

  5. Online order tracking.

Premium awards

Electro Computer Warehouse ranks among the largest wholesaler and remarketer of pre owned lease computer equipment with a market presence in North America, Africa, Asia and Middle East.